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Biometric Attendance

Biometric attendance & door access

Biometric Attendance

Our Biometric Time & Attendance Solution manages access records obtained from authentication server. There is no need of additional installation of Time & Attendance devices as a fingerprint recognition
device can be used as the basis of an integrated system. In addition, access records are strictly managed based on fake fingerprint detection function. Thus, manipulation of work hours can be prevented in advance.


  • Aggregated T&A data monitoring
  • Prevention of manipulating work hours
  • Remote control of T&A for employees who work outside of office.
  • Network


  • Saving management expenses by computerized automatic system
  • Improved work atmosphere by preventing manipulation of work hours
  • Improved internal and external images by automatic work process
  • Increasing work efficiency byintegrated management of automatic payroll and human resource


  • Government offices
  • Company
  • School
  • Factory
  • Store


With our time access software and the same biometric device, the system magically transform into a door access system to restrict anyone to enter the permise at your configured time.

Small but mighty

Our system is scalable and we even integrated with different brands of payroll system. Visit our Payroll

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