IT advisory and consultancy

Independent Principal and Senior-level advisory and consulting services from IT experts you know and trust Business People hangout together at coffee shop.


Just give me a quick overview...

  • With IT Advisory Services we advise and you do - get trusted advice and independent quality assurance from specialist experts so that you, your people and your suppliers can deliver what is required
  • With IT consultancy Services we advise and we do - get the right advice with us helping to deliver the work and the expected outcome
  • Get Principal Consultants and Senior IT Practitioners with specialist expertise and a load of experience
  • Get the best people, independent advice, and quality results.

Give me all the gory details...

We've been around the block

Our people have on average 18 years of IT experience. So as you can imagine our Principal Consultants and Senior IT Practitioners have been around the block many times since we were founded in 1997. They've helped our clients avoid career ending mistakes, get out of the shit, and achieve stunning results. These Principal Consultants and Senior IT Practitioners are the people you will be working with when you engage our IT Advisory and Consulting services.

Our IT advisory services (we advise / you do)

We advise you so that you, your people and your suppliers can deliver the right result

Our advisory services allow you to gain the benefits of our Principal Consultant and Senior IT Practitioner's knowledge, experience and advice, without using them to do the work. Often these are small, targeted engagements or agreed hours per month retainers.

Access to specialist IT advice

Use us as your trusted adviser for the areas of specialist expertise you need when you don't have this capability internally. We advise you in the following areas to help you make the best decisions:

  • IT strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Architecture strategy
  • Business and technology feasibility
  • Project planning, governance, risks and delivery
  • Digital transformation and enablement
  • Agile development approaches and management coaching
  • Software development practice and tooling advice
  • Business change and process improvement.

Our IT consultancy services (we advise / we do)

We advise, do the work, and take responsibility for achieving the outcome

Use us when you need specialist expertise to deliver a result and you don't have the required capability internally. Our IT consultancy services are wide ranging to meet the breadth of your needs.

IT and Digital Strategy

  • IT strategy development and support
  • Digital strategy development and support
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Business continuity planning

Project governance

  • Project governance management
  • Project planning and initiation
  • Project management and delivery
  • Project and technology risk management

What you can count on:

  • Our best people – known and trusted for their IT expertise, hand-picked for your needs
  • Independence – we keep these activities separate from the rest of our business; our advice will always be in your best interests only.
  • Certainty of results – outcomes explicitly agreed and delivered
  • Quality – other team members will independently QA the engagement approach and deliverables, as agreed with you
  • Being fully informed – from status reporting to early insights, you'll have full insight to the work
  • Smooth sailing – while we're straight shooters, we pride ourselves in being a good bunch of people who are honourable and easy to work with
  • Client knowledge base – we retain knowledge and records of work performed so we hit the ground running on future engagements
  • Integrity – we stand behind our work and deliver on our commitments.