Data Protection

Data Protection
Data backup & restore services

Managed Data Backup and Restore (Data Protection) services help customers avoid data loss and associated downtime with a data monitoring solution that improves backup success rates and data restoration capabilities. Our Managed service focuses on the day-to-day activities required to keep a customer’s important data protected and recoverable.

Best way to Protect your Data!

Reliable work environment assures that your business is protected from every sphere and there is merely any possibility of the security breach, data loss or occurrence any such serious incident. You can perform freely with a peace of mind only if you ensure to implement strict security measures.

As a business owner, you should always assess the possible disastrous events from hardware failure, server failure, to virus attack, remote hacking, to a fire or flood situation. This will not only cause data loss, but it will also ruin financial sources and cause a huge revenue dig. Disaster Recovery is an easy and effective approach to securing your data from risks and if everything put in place, rest assured your business is safe.

Data Protection

Be it on-permise or cloud base,

Our Services Include:

  • Identification of the causes of failed backups and remediation
  • Upfront and on-going design and optimization services
  • Data restoration services
  • Assistance during disaster recovery testing and actual disaster occurrences
  • Facilitated tape management
  • Monthly reporting of backup results and data recovery services performed
  • Access to managed services experts on a 24×7 basis
  • 24×7 data monitoring of backup recovery infrastructure

Our Services Highlights

  • Minimize cost and complexity of data recovery services by implementing a unified data protection solution that provides desktop, remote office and data center protection across the entire enterprise.
  • Meet backup windows with faster disk-based backups, improve storage utilization, and enable more flexible disaster-recovery plans in multi-vendor storage environments.
  • Manage more data with fewer people with advanced protection for VMWare environments, email applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server and large databases.
  • End-to-end data recovery services
  • Centralized infrastructure management
  • Disk-Based Protection
  • Automated disaster recovery
  • Data security
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Unparalleled performance