IP PBX System

IP PBX system (IP PBX)

A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).

IP PBX System

A comprehensive advance and exhaustive IPBX solution

Common Functionality and Features

  • Caller HDdisplay
  • Call transfer and call hold
  • Dialing using name/ID (differs from speed dialing that no number is stored on the client)
  • Locally stored and network-based directories
  • Conference calling and multiparty calls
  • Call park
  • Call blocking
  • Support for multiple VoIP accounts – the phone may register with more than one VoIP server/provider.
  • Secure encrypted communications

IP Phone – Connect and collaborate from any workplace and business solution using voice, and business applications.

IP PBX – Designed for 30-500 users and full IP PBX features perfect for your solution.

SIP Intercom: Provides maximum comfort and security for all end-user.

Why choose to have this system instead of the traditional PBX? To name a few…
  1. IP PBX has a lot of features not found on traditional PABX systems such as on demand conferencing, scheduled conference calls (meetme), least cost routing, VOIP for remote sites/users, DISA (direct inward dialing for access to various outside lines), group ring, line hunting, voicemail, call recording, etc.
  2. IP PBX can bridge two remote sites to act as one single local system. Each site can have their own outside access and remote sites can access them
  3. IP PBX can allow remote users to connect IP phones and soft phones to the system giving them local access
To give you an idea of how the IP PBX System can help us enhance communication, We would like to list down some significant features:
  1. Call conferencing – we can setup call conferences and can connect remote users. This means you can invite customers, prospects, suppliers on a conference and talk even if some attending people are remote or not in the office.
  2. Three way calling/call forwarding – if somebody is looking for a person that is not in the office, you can forward the call to anywhere like cellphone, home telephone, etc. This will make sure that if there’s an urgent call from a customer he can always reach the person he needs to talk to.
  3. VOIP interface – since this is VOIP based, i.e. your Singapore office will not need to pay long distance charges to reach somebody in Indonesia. This goes the same way from Indonesia to Singapore. We can install an IP phone permanently in Malaysia and it will act as a local extension of the Singapore office. This way, Singapore office will minimize long distance charges. Same thing if you have offices in Asia or in the US, your long distance calling charges will dramatically be reduces or eliminated.
  4. Remote users – since we have a lot of remote users, we can enable them to use SIP Phones or softphones (software phones installed in laptops) so that anywhere that they can access the Internet, they can be reached or can join conferences.
  5. Call attendant (IVR) – this will be an automated attendant that will answer calls giving them options to call consulting, support, sales, etc.
  6. Direct Inward Dialing – this will allow PH folks to call US office/numbers even if they are not in the office.

Whether you are a 5 employee organization or a 2,000 employee Call Center Company, let our IPPBX System answer your simple to complex communication needs.

Our IP PBX / VOIP solution includes:

  • Professional set up from stage one design through configuration and installation.
  • Selection of appropriate hardware (phones, server, conference kit, etc.) related to the IP PBX / VOIP setup
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software in main office, branch offices and home offices
  • End-user and Supervisor training
  • Post deployment 24x7 support which includes configuration and maintenance of IP PBX / VOIP