Maintenance Services

IT maintenance services

IT outsourcing and Managed IT services or co-sourcing services, which provide efficient, effective, and mature IT value for your company.

We believe preventive maintenance to be the key to productivity success. It is through understanding your IT hardware and optimizing it to its most stable performance that we will be able to achieve that.

IT Maintenance Services

Our Managed IT Services Approach

We simplify your IT experience, maximizing your businesses productivity and competitive advantage. The cost of employing and training an internal IT staff can be substantial and time consuming. Our solution provides you with custom access to our industry leading managed services portal. This gives you the ability to create and monitor your tickets, have direct access to our professional IT staff and knowledge base. Our team has experience in all aspects of the IT ecosystem whether it be VoIP, Wireless, Routing, Switching, Server Maintenance, Desktop Support or IP Security we can help. Allowing you to save money and focus on higher level business functions.

Why Outsource Your IT To Us?


As a managed service provider, we simplify your day-to-day business while reducing cost. No longer will you need to worry about system backups, software patches, planning upgrades or managing hardware capacities. You can rest easy knowing that our remote management and monitoring software/team are taking care of everything, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Whether you are utilizing the cloud or an on premise solution you can rest assured knowing that your staff will have 24/7 access to their required resources. We recognize the importance of up-time and how critical it can be to your bottom line. It is our job to ensure that all systems are running flawlessly and if an issue is to arise it is handled in a timely manner.

Skills Management

Have access to top notch IT skill sets for a fraction of the price. By outsourcing your IT to us you will have access to our experienced highly trained staff. We pride ourselves on obtaining and maintaining certifications from many industry leading vendors and vendor agnostic certification authorities.

The types of Support and Maintenance Services we offer

Preventative services:
We adopt a holistic approach when it comes to the preventive maintenance and the support services we provide. This involves performing a root-cause analysis, identifying and rectifying critical issues at their source.

Corrective services:

Our support staff locates any errors and dysfunctional processes and/or features in your applications and makes the necessary corrections.

Adaptive services:

Our support and maintenance services use cutting-edge technologies to handle your application maintenance requirements, with minimal disruption to business activities. As your business processes change so will your need for support and we will manage this for you.

Enhancement services:

We identify options, plan and implement new strategies, tools and technologies to improve your system performance and reduce costs. This is an on-going process of system improvement, which we implement on your behalf.

We offer cost effective application maintenance and support solutions to our business clients:

  • Service in tune with agreed Service Level Agreements
  • A focus on continuous improvement
  • Timely resolution of all issues based on root-cause analysis
  • Customers can take full advantage of our issue and log tracking tools we provide
  • Helpdesk support for all IT operations
  • Multilevel support through all services
  • Knowledge transfer and training of in-house staff
  • Smooth and transparent operations
  • Processes in line with ISO 9000 Standards and the SEI-CMMI framework
  • Various support packages are available - 24x7 support, onsite support, dedicated onsite and off-site support, support helpdesk services.
  • Remote Access to Cloud or on-premise File server via secured OpenVPN. To achieve on-prem VPN, DWM recommend MyRepublic Business Broadband as your provider. MyRepublic Business Broadband provides 1 free static IP