Relocation Service

IT relocation service

Relocating IT Support Quickly and Efficiently

Relocation Service

Moving an office and subsequent IT relocation is not simple. Moving entire servers and systems to a different location can take a lot of time and resources that your business may not be able to afford.

Whether you have requirement to move a few employees or relocate your complete infrastructure thousands in a staged manner, DWM is here to make the IT relocation services easier, simpler and hassle free. We have a proven track record of large scale IT relocation projects. Contact us today to know how we can help you with our relocation service. Our early involvement in the project ensures that the disconnection, relocation, installation and re-networking can seamlessly progress and be on Schedule.

IT Relocation Services include:

  • 24/7 /365 Support, We align our WBS based on your Timelines.
  • Stock Taking and Asset Database Creation
  • Logical and Physical Connectivity and Database Creation for Large Data Centres and Labs
  • Network Connectivity Schema and Database on connectivity
  • Site Readiness Audits
  • Vendor Compliance Audits
  • Pre-relocate Component – need; summaries and Supplies
  • Decommissioning, Packing (Wrapping) and Transportation of all Devices and Artefacts.
  • Labeling and Logistics Control
  • Re-commissioning, configuration and testing of all the Inventories at your new location
  • Rigorous administration to protect customer data and hard drives
  • Wrapping equipment’s with static-proof and ensuring no impact on equipment
  • Cable Routing, Cable Management; ensuring Clean Work Environment for your staff.
  • Complete post-relocate functionality verification of commissioning networks and equipment.
  • Rack up of Servers, Cable routing and debris clean and discharge.
  • Post-relocate analysis and support

Data Centre, Lab and Server room Relocation

Relocation is one the most experienced services we provide. Your IT infrastructure, specifically the Network Gears and Servers, are the baseline of your organization. If you have ever had to rollout the migration of a Data Centre/ Computer room/ Labs or consolidate several into one, you will know what a daunting task the relocation of IT inventory can be.

Relocation Strategies

We mitigate risk incorporated with Server move or Data center relocation services by working closely with your IT Project Manager(s) to build a successful data centre relocation strategy. Our Project Management Team will build an agenda for your project based on your company’s goals, inventory and facility up time needs. DreamWorks Media Pte. Ltd. will audit the risks associated with your project to plan Mitigation Strategies prior to the relocation.

  •  Custom Packaging and Custom Containers for different Equipment’s
  •  Wrapping and Safe handling
  •  Well documented Logistic Controls; including Bar-Coding, Asset Tracking and Managing
  •  End-to-End Technical and Functional Support

Our 6-step, proven process for moving your office

We move everything from Computers, Furniture, Fixtures, Files, and Equipment for you.

  1. Pack all the office articles, label them
  2. De-install appliances and fixtures
  3. Insure your precious items against damage/ loss
  4. Ship it with care and store it as needed
  5. Unpack your goods at your destination
  6. Arrange it in your new office