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DreamWorks Media Pte. Ltd. (DWM) is a Singapore-based IT Solutions Provider and independent software developer established in 2007 with a vision to build robust and cutting-edge solutions. At DWM, you’ll find a dynamic team comprising inspired marketing experts, creative designers, experienced web developers, and strategic gurus. The key to our success lies in the close and direct connections between our staff and clients. We firmly believe that this approach enables us to deliver the best impact on our clients’ businesses.
Thanks to our available packages and identified services, we take pride in meeting your demands with trendy, economical, and extraordinary ideas. DWM provides a full complement of computer services targeted toward corporate and business owners. Our hardware support department is dedicated to providing services in Desktop, Server, and Network Support. We deliver business IT solutions and support to SME companies and educational institutions. DWM believes it has all the capabilities to meet clients’ needs, requirements, and objectives.

Our Key Features

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IT System Integration

Our consultants, whether technical or strategic, are proven career professionals at the top of their game. Regardless of your specific requirements, the depth of experience, expertise, and drive within DWM’s consulting teams is unparalleled. Whether your needs are deeply technical, managerial, or strategic, we'll add value and deliver performance-enhancing results efficiently and consistently. What's more, these impressive results will be delivered on time and will meet—if not exceed—your greatest expectations. We are extremely passionate about what we do, as our reputation is founded on your success.

New Office Setup

Setting up IT infrastructure for new offices can be a tedious and time-consuming process, potentially leading to loss of productivity during setup and downtime. At DWM, we specialize in new office setups, offering professional consultation and services. Whether you are starting a business for the first time, expanding, relocating, or entering new markets, we take care of your entire IT infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure that everything is completed within the specified time frame, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

IT Manpower Outsourcing

Have you ever desired to have dedicated technical support professionals for your company but found it challenging due to budget constraints? Look no further! DWM provides a cost-effective solution. Our highly-rated team of professionals collaborates with you to address all your technical needs.

Work-From-Home Readiness Solutions

Prepare your workforce for the post-COVID work mode. Working from home (WFH) no longer has to be a hindrance to productivity with our WFH solutions.


Edward Lee - Literacy Plus
I'd like to say a BIG "thank you" for taking us through this project. Truly appreciate your expert recommendations, your thoroughness and attention to detail in seeing through all aspects of the project, your flexibility towards customer's needs, and your commitment to get the job done in a timely manner.
Doris Ho - Seawalk Hardware

DreamWorks Media has enabled us to computerised our traditional way of doing business. Now we are more efficient.

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